Miracle Marriage via Shiloh sacrifice

I have returned to appreciate the God of Shiloh who has never left himself without a witness. At Shiloh 2014, I gave a mega Shiloh sacrifice which surprised me the giver because the amount I gave was half of my whole savings and I tied it to my miracle marriage.

In Jan 2015, during the prayer and fasting, behold, my husband proposed to me and from then we believed God to settle down before the end of the year. By Shiloh 2015, I and my fiancé put together our resources and gave a tearful Shiloh sacrifice and tagged it to our miracle marriage because we needed supernatural supply to get married.

In May 2016, we did the introduction and as the year rolled by we still believed

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Miracle Healing

My case is different greetings! I have come to return all the praise to the most high God who Has healed me from a very painful and uncomfortable condition called Hemorrhoids (Pile) .

This disease appeared the same week Shiloh would commence which made it that i could not attend the opening service; but I streamed online to be part of the service. Behold on the second day I was healed and I was able to attend Shiloh service. I say thank you Jesus for this Healing.  

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Miracle Job

I had been believing God for a change of job for a while now and only held on to the one I had so as not to be idle.

I still continued with my one-hour daily prayer and yet to win souls effectively besides sharing fliers and the seed I give towards transportation of converts to church.

The following morning, on Friday, I woke up to a message from someone I least expected, asking me to send my CV. Unknown to me, he had some days back been appointed the CEO of a huge company I had sent my CV to countless times to no avail and without getting a response.

I sent my CV, went for the interview the following Tuesday and got the job. I am to resume November 1st, It's closer to h

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Delivered from Demonic Oppression and Healed Of Prayer Infirmity Via Flier

I joined this commission in August 2008. I used to experience oppression and harassment by evil forces in my sleep.  Sometimes I   see myself being fed with different kinds of food and I experience weakness in prayer always sleeping at intervals when I tried to pray at night.

  I noticed that the battle is usually more when I am engaging on the prayer altar.  If it was possible for one to live without sleeping I would have gladly done that to avoid these harassments. 

This year 2017, I made up my mind to engage more in prayer, fasting and reaching out to souls. During the last week of Operation Prayer for Life, I increased my prayer hours, prayin

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Career Breakthrough and Miracle Baby Delivered

I got married in this Commission in 2012, in ten months my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. After a while we expected that my wife would conceived for a second child just as the first. As the months went by it became increasingly clear that we had to settle the matter in a spiritual way. My wife and I continued in our kingdom

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