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Pst David Oyedepo Jr, Bishop David Abioye

Minister : Pst David Oyedepo Jr.

INTRODUCTION: Gen 41:14 – Joseph was brought out of the dungeon and he was cleaned and dressed. Esther 5:1 – Esther put on a royal apparel. Mt 22:11-14 – The king came in to receive his guest but sacked the guest with the wrong garment. 

Mk 6:22 – The daughter of Herodias sought to please the King. Isa 61:3 – The garment of praise is the vital requirement for appearance before the King. Ps 100:4 – Come into his gate with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.

Ensure that your garment of praise with fragrance of joy is put on.


Minister: Bishop David Abioye

Prayer with fasting works (Ps 65:4)*

Covenant key to securing answers to prayers

Everything works by one having keys. If you have the key you are in charge because it gives you rest and does not get you apprehensive. Prayer is never answered until thanksgiving is given. Everything should be liking with thanks. (phil 4:6)

Thanksgiving brings forth manifestations. Joel 2:15-21 – After fasting, rejoice and be glad. The Lord will do great things in your life. Thanking God is committing God to perform. Answers are delivered on the wings of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is appreciation in anticipation of answers to come. Being in appreciation of the answer in mind.

Never offer thanks without picturing the answer in mind. E.g Jn 8:29 – Jesus always did what pleased God. Jn 11:41 – Jesus was an addicted thanks giver. Thanks givers have assurance that God always hears them. Ps 69:30,31 – Thanking God magnifies Him. 

Thanking God is pleasing God and He holds nothing backs from those that please him. Ps 84:11 – Thanking God releases His pleasure. Ps 149:3, 4 – Prayer seeds are turned into harvest of answers by engaging the sickle of thanksgiving. 

2 Chron 20:1 – Jehoshaphat fasted and God showed them what to do, and they praised God and God took over the battle.

Eph 6:13 – Having done all by prayers we stand and watch him to take over. Ps 84:4 – We stand still to praise and in thanksgiving we are watching for the answers. Conqueror is the who fights, more than conqueror is one who watches and wins.

Acts 16:25, 28 – Paul and Silas prayed and later praised. When you pray, answers come gradually. Praise makes the answers come suddenly. Thanksgiving and praise must be heard in our neighborhood. Acts 4:31 – Prayers shake things but praises causes earthquake. Remember thanks givers are never stranded.

Things that happen after thanksgiving:

How do you offer thanksgiving that will produce answers:

Praise with your might and everything you have got. Jn 11:44.