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Pst. Sonyo Emmanuel


Prayer is a communication between man and God. It is a two-way process. Most of us knows how to pray very well but we need to also know that God is responding to our prayers by signs of answered prayers.

Acts 12:5-12 The church gathered to pray for the released of peter from prison. Peter did not pray, yet the prayer of the church caused chains to be broken. Their prayer also caused gates to open on its accord. Peter all the while thought it was a vision but an angel of the Lord rescued him. 

Rhoda was very expectant. She recognized Peter’s voice and was glad and went to report the good news to the church yet they did not believe her. They felt she was a nuisance. They even thought it was Peter’s ghost. We pray but don’t take our time to listen to God.

What’s the essence of the 21 days fasting and prayers without expectations of answers to our prayers? When praying, listen to God on the other side and be very expectant. Habakkuk 2:1 ,2 Be watchful to see, be alert and expectant of answers. Look up to God for an answer or answers. Sometimes we say so much that we forget what we requested in prayer. Check through your request list to see answers or signs from God.

Matt 7:7, 8 You ask ,seek, knock to receive. In normalcy, we ask our fellow man a question and expect answers. A double minded person would never receive from god so don’t doubt when you pray. Jer 33:3 Call upon God and receive an answer. We have prayed and requested enough, now it’s time to listen to god and get answers. Gen 18:18-33 Abraham had a dialogue with God. In verse 27, Abraham heard god responding to his bargains. 

That is waiting on God to answer. God is not deaf, be alert otherwise, when your answer is released you may not hear it. Waiting and expecting God’s response is a sign of faith in God. The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short. Deut 28 If you can listen to the voice of God, you will surely hear him.

The request moments are over this period, it is time to listen and expect answers from God. Expectation will lead to manifestation. If your answer is not coming it’s possibly all righteousness is not fulfilled or you are simply not expectant. If you expect God to respond, He would stand on His word and perform it. Zach 9:11-12 By blood of covenant, god promised to set us free and give us double of our request because the blood is our stronghold.