SUNDAY SERVICE SCHEDULES:  Our Sunday Service schedules are as usual; 6.30am for first service and 8.30am for second service.

SHILOH 2017… A NEW DAWN. The annual prophetic gathering of all Winners worldwide commences on Tuesday 5th to Sunday 10th December, 2017. The theme this great event is from A New Dawn. We are all admonished to prepare adequately for our turnaround encounters. Travelling arrangement for members who may want to travel to Canaanland for the event would be communicated in due course.

WEDNESDAY COMMUNION SERVICE SCHEDULES:  Our Wednesday Communion Service schedules are as usual; 6.00 pm this and every Wednesday. 

HOUR OF PRAYER: Our covenant hour of prayer holds every morning, Monday to Saturday. Time: 6:00am.

LUNCH HOUR PRAYER (BREAKTHROUGH HOUR): Our Lunch hour prayer continues each day from Monday to Friday at 12 noon.

BELIEVER’S FOUNDATION SCHOOL: Believer’s Foundation School holds every Saturday at 7:00am for all new converts. All our new converts are requested to take full advantage of this very special session. 

HOME CELL FELLOWSHIP CALLING: We shall all meet at our various home cell locations this and Saturday, for a fellowship of love and life. The time is 5.00pm prompt. Don’t ever let it pass without you being a part of it.